Tuesday, February 2, 2010

so !

tommorow i will be playing my last gig with the endeavour... and fuck hai burnt some bridges ;) haha i only talk to mitch now. and hate the rest of the people in that band.

my new band is underway , Invader , www.myspace.com/invadermelb , uhmm should have a demo up in a few weeks when ive moved and settled a bit.

uhmm, so i should be in melbourne pretty soon, probably just about 2 weeks now. Still dont know where i will be living...but dad seems to have that under control, i think.pretty excited to move, get out of this town, away from these people,something new shall be good. Living on my own will be a refreshing change.

yeah....so fuck you little boys and girls.

currently listening to : Hey ya ! - Outkast

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